The wholesale division of The Blue Cup is one of the basic pillars of operation, incorporating coffee – tea products in the field of mass estiasis.Ta founding members having expertise in producing quality coffee – tea is the company’s dealers Mokka speciality coffee from 2008 in Thessaloniki and Chalkidiki.I their extensive experience and their passion for this area are the features that make the company stand out and count noteworthy awards in history .

About the company Mokka speciality coffee

The MOKKA is the continuation of a long tradition of four generations . Since 1922 he specialized in roasting and processing all kinds of coffee. H MOKKA housed in the historic family neoclassical building in the center of Athens. On a surface of 1000 square meters there is a traditional coffee , the cafe, the training center and production.

Goal is to be among the best coffee producers Worldwide . They are the first in Greece who import and roasted Speciality Coffees and micro-lots winning the Cup of Excellence. We offer support, training , engineering service and over 200 product codes.

About the Speciality Coffee

The term Speciality Coffee started first appeared after 1994 and first – use by producers of raw coffee. The specialty contains two important parameters . Traceability and quality. To understand the need to take two examples of this wine and oil . In good wines we want to know the grape variety and the exact area of origin .

For oil we know that the extra-virgin olive oil is made only from the best and most mature olives. These olives should be separated during the harvest to prepare the best oil. The above two examples are very representative obtain coffee. Coffee should harvest to separate the best coffee that is the most mature fruit, the heaviest, the most large. This batch brown (brown-lot) is the variety and know the area where prospered, so introduce him to process it.

The taste of Speciality Coffee should distracting score over 74 points in score form the CoE. That will have to has personality, specificity and combining or highlight flavor characteristics as primary flavors ( sweetness , acidity, body, finish, balance , aroma ) and to widen the range of flavors in the secondary ( chocolate , vanilla , caramel , almond, baked almonds , cane berries , lemon, tropical fruits , spices, earth , berries , etc. ) .

Coffee is the most tasty product between food and drinks . Over 700 trace -brown elements related to the aroma and flavor. Almost twice those of wine and well above the second in the ranking , the vanilla. To showcase these rich taste characteristics all stages followed by the coffee ( the coffee tree until our cup ) should be perfect .

The steps followed by coffee are: Earth, plant , rain , flowering, fruiting , harvesting , separation , drying – processing, storage , transportation, storage, blend, roasting, packaging, preparing to drink. Any of the above not to be perfect and then the result will not be perfect. The raw specialty coffees make up about 10 % of world production and demand for them is growing and the consumer begins and becomes familiar and refined with our product.

The value of a brown Speciality 30% me40% greater than common coffee and often reach 100%. In recent years outside the few large manufacturers that produce Speciality Coffee we can find smaller producers to treatment plants (micro-mills) which may produce and separate micro-amounts (micro-lots) very good quality and rich tasting coffee. Do not forget that the best lots with the highest score in the Cup of Excellence beginning with just 10 sacks. About us our company coffee is culture and lifestyle. We want to enjoy a completely natural product without any admixture of preservative at any stage of processing.

Finally it could not be a member of the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE), since the vision which advocates the organization of ” a perfect cup of coffee to the consumer ” is fully identical with the philosophy and culture of the company.

We want to choose us for our quality, our knowledge, our expertise and innovation.